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7 Business Automation & Artificial Intelligence Strategies To Create more Growth, Profits & freedom...

7 Growth Strategies For Independent Pharmacies.

This Webinar is packed with 7 Actionable Automation & AI Strategies that you can implement in your Pharmacy to create more Growth, Profits & Freedom. Inside you'll learn the step-by-step process of how Dr. Amit Kakar, PHARMD. from Avalon Pharmacy Increased his patient load by 63% & captured 40% of the population coming to his Pharmacy.

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Think About The Financial Impact Your Pharmacy Will Have If You Don't Take Action Today!


  • Think about how much money on average you are wasting on ineffective marketing each day. 


  • How many lost opportunities have passed you by because you don't have a frictionless customer journey?


  • How many customers are you losing because you're not nurturing them or automatically following up with them?


  • How many important family events have been missed or will be missed because you're still doing things the hard way?


  • When you don't take the time to invest in your personal development it becomes harder to reach your full potential. 


  • Avoid embarrassment, frustration, lack of sleep, weight gain, confusion and or feeling isolated.

Your Host & Speaker

Join Award-Winning Marketing Automation Expert & Co-Founder of Rx Ambassadors, Jason Benedict, as he teaches you the C3 Growth Framework along with providing you the step-by-step process that has been implemented with more than 5,000 businesses across nearly every industry and vertical imaginable.

Jason Benedict

Co-Founder of Rx Ambassadors

Your Guest Speaker

"Joining Rx Ambassadors has transformed my whole life. I went from 0 emails in my database to over 6,000 in 3 years. Our pharmacy now has 8,200 patients in a small town of 20,000. I have now serviced 40% of the entire population through Avalon Pharmacy. We’re not just competing with the big-box retail pharmacy chains, we’re outperforming them. We’re breaking sales revenue goals and the marketing automations I’ve implemented have given me so much more freedom to do what I love. I’m no longer just dispensing prescriptions, I’m making a societal impact."

Dr. Amit Kakar, Pharm.D. 

Avalon Pharmacy

Founding Member of Rx Ambassadors


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You'll Want To Attend This Webinar If:

  • Your Independent Pharmacy has been hit hard by DIR Fees and you want to learn how to create new revenue streams.  

  • You've struggled with Staffing and want to learn how "Automation & AI" can help streamline 5 Key Areas of your Pharmacy Business to increase efficiency and grow profits. 

  • How to transform your customer and patient relationships to leverage cash-based models while still working with insurance.

  • You want to learn how to implement Business Automation & AI to give you more Freedom in your Independent Pharmacy WITHOUT loosing the personal human touch.

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